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Heavy Metal Band Athens Greece Thelemite

Heavy Metal in Athens

The band has been active with live shows since the beginning and continues to appear in various events promoting their original material!


Thelemite is a heavy metal band from Athens, Greece!
Line up:
John Manopoulos: Guitar, Vocals
Nikos Michalakakos: Bass
Zack Kotsikis: Guitar
Renos Lialioutis: Drums
Metal Archives
Greek heavy metal band Thelemite did, and you will see in a minute what I mean. In this review I will be covering their third full-length album Survival of the Fittest, released on July 7th, 2023 via Sleaszy Rider Records. Grab some popcorn boys and girls, strap yourselves, because we’re going to take a wonderful trip to the 80’s with this one!
Important timestamps

2010: The foundation of the band!
2013: Debut album “Slave to Desire” (Steel Gallery Records)
2014: Digital EP “Light”
2021: Second album “Thelemism” (Sleaszy Rider Records)
2023: Third album “Survival of the Fittest” (Sleaszy Rider Records)


Renos Drummer

Zack is Guitar Player for Thelemite Heavy Metal Band.
Renos was born in Athens of Greece in 1981, and grew up in a small village in Karystos, so drumming was a one-way ticket for me. I was very lucky to found an older relative who was playing music in his mother living room every time he came to the village at the age of 13. I start with the bass, but when I sit on the drum throne, love was with the first sight! I can’t remember myself straggling playing the drums, and the flow was like magic. My first live gig was 3 months after the first time I touch a pair of drumsticks. After a lot of years, I came to Athens and started playing with many bands and familiar musicians. Now for the last 10 years. I have been playing with The Silent Wedding, and we have done two European tours and three albums, as well as domestically we have played together with Saxon, Fates Warning, and Iced Earth. I play with cover bands and other metal, and not only, bands. My motto is to play with passion and find the unique style that expresses you!

John Manopoulos

Nick Bass

John Manopoulos Vocal and electric guitar
Nikos Michalakos

THELEMITE “Survival Of The Fittest” cd & vinyl

More information
CD Art work
Thelemite Survival Of The Fittest credits of artwork by Argentinian artist Rodrigo A. Gudiña

Thelemite Discography

* THELEMITE “Survival Of The Fittest”  Sleaszy Rider Records RELEASE DATE:  7 JULY 2023  by Sleaszy Rider SRL.
* THELEMITE “Thelemism” Sleaszy Rider Records “Thelemite” is the second full album of Greek heavy metallers THELEMITE and it will be released on 2nd July 2021  by Sleaszy Rider SRL.
* THELEMITE: Slave To Desire epic power metalers presents debut album! 7 epic anthems full of power, melodies and lyricism. By Steel Gallery Records
Slave To Desire



THELEMITE “Survival Of The Fittest” cd


Thelemite “Thelemism”

News and upcoming events

Thelemite “Thelemism”


Live Thessaloniki 8 Ball


Survival Of The Fittest Metal Storm review


Metal Bite review

Metal Bite

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